In reconice, every choice or decision is inspired by our Vision and Mission. The technological context changes and evolves quickly. To support our customers effectively and offer them the best solutions, we must be attentive to the present but always looking to the future to better understand the needs, trends, technologies and context. So, always be a step ahead: ready today to face tomorrow's needs. In summary, our Vision is: excellence today, setting ambitious goals for the future, following a successful roadmap for us and our partners.


The interaction between human and machine is evolving: multi-touch, voice and gesture are new technologies already available, to which technical competence and new usability concepts must be applied.
The most intuitive and natural way of communicating to humans is the voice. The introduction of speech recognition on the most common devices (smartphones) makes the use of this technology increasingly pervasive and familiar.
Solutions with natural, simple and intuitive interfaces to access, enter and modify data anytime and anywhere will allow professionals to provide an even better service.

“Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.”

— Franklin D. Roosevelt


reconice faces the market to offer excellent products, above expectations. It will be focused on innovation, creating solutions that are simple to use, yet with high technological complexity.
reconice will constantly be committed to identifying the best enabling technologies available, verifying them and integrating them into systems created on real requirements, collected, together with partners, by future users.
reconice will be focused on solutions and markets with a strong social impact, in which it can make a significant contribution to their evolution. It will be focused on what will bring growth and improvement to its partners and customers.
reconice believes in sharing information, team value and new ideas that can only emerge from a highly collaborative environment. It will pursue excellence in every group of society, with honesty and transparency, both with perseverance and with the courage to change their choices, encouraging and realizing change when necessary.

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