The current and potential market for speech recognition

Speech recognition has the potential to overcome one of the highest barriers to increasing production and sharing real-time clinical information electronically.
Forecasts say that within 5 years 50% of all hospital doctors will use voice recognition technology to produce reports.

The need is fueled by several factors. The increase in the average age of the population leads to an increase in examinations and clinical treatments that require documentation; the need to acquire and produce documents in electronic format so that information is available in real time, anywhere. The voice recognition, integrated in the departmental management systems, allows the acquisition of clinical data directly in electronic format, their storage and sharing in real time. The more timely the information is, the sooner the patient can be treated, reducing hospitalization time.

Speech recognition is one of the few technologies able to accept the real challenge of modern healthcare: increasing the quality of patient care while reducing costs. For this reason it focuses on the healthcare market, to which it intends to offer the excellence necessary for the achievement of the goals that the healthcare aims to achieve. Already used for many years in the imaging field, Reconice now offers its solutions to the entire hospital, wherever reports are produced: pathological anatomy, cardiology, oncology, urology, neurology, surgery, etc.

Nevertheless the use can be extended to the administrative area for any type of reporting. In fact, speech recognition shows its value wherever important volumes of documents are produced.

reconice will extend its offer to all public and private organizations, in the legal, administrative, insurance, etc. to extend the demonstrated paradigm in radiology, wherever there is a need to increase productivity in document production, optimizing workflows in place.

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