recomed, the future of speech reporting

recomed is a unique solution, based on a latest generation engine: a step forward both in terms of performance and functionality. A solution born from requirements collected from the field, stable and flexible, suitable for use in all hospital settings.
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  • No adaptation to the voice required (even of the volume in case of use of SpeechMike microphones);
  • automatic adaptation of acoustic models and language models to each report;
  • compatible with all audio capture devices (microphones) with and without wires;
  • supports all workflows: front-end, deferred, remote front-ends (real-time transcription with speech recognition engine on the server);
  • available for any operating system!
    simple and fast integration (all features already integrated in recomed);
    quick fix functionality;
  • ergonomic and intuitive interface;
  • fail-safe architecture, highly scalable.


  • For clinical staff: the solution does not involve time wasting or initial adaptation, nor for daily use. Supports existing workflows, optimizing them without changing work habits.
  • For administrative staff: significant reduction in turnaround time (and associated costs); immediate availability of the report and reduction of hospitalization time.
  • For technical personnel: architecture entirely based on centralized DB, fail-safe, scalability, stability, security, simple and already known backup and recovery procedures, ease of integration in third-party management systems.
  • For the patient: report availability much more quickly, immediate information sharing, anticipation of any therapies.
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