Healthcare documentation

Handwritten reports are now unacceptable: archiving, consultation and readability represent an issue to be addressed as soon as possible. Speech recognition provides a way to produce a readable and understandable report in real time. Used with a management system, it represents an opportunity not only to reduce costs, but to increase the quality of the reports themselves, decreasing the time of production and release with a consequent significant increase in the quality of patient care.

Integrated in a RIS system, PACS HIS, EMR, etc. Speech recognition is the ideal combination for flexibility, convenience and efficiency. The recognition technologies and the hardware that support them continue to improve, making it an essential tool for healthcare professionals.

Speech recognition is able to optimize workflows in all hospital departments that produce documents in general (reports, reports, resignation letters ...) then Radiology, Neuroradiology, Nuclear Medicine, Pathology, Radiotherapy, Cardiology, Urology, Oncology , Surgery, all ambulatory settings etc.


Speech recognition in healthcare

The increase in prevention activities with the use of increasingly sophisticated technologies, associated with the continuous increase in the average age, will lead to an increase in diagnostic performance and proportionally to the clinical documentation.

Each document must be produced in electronic format, digitally signed and made available as quickly as possible. Structured and shared data must be easily accessible and interpretable by any doctor, anywhere.
Timeliness and quality will be the two fundamental requisites for reporting.

Speech recognition in direct mode will allow the absorption of the increased documentation produced, guaranteeing the best quality: any document or data entered digitally through the use of the voice will be immediately available to all.

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