Legal and Administration Solutions

Professionals have specific needs and speech recognition solutions, to ensure productivity, must best adapt to existing workflows. reconice realizes its solutions with requirements collected in the field, developing them on the specific needs of those who will use them.

While thousands of doctors, especially radiologists, already use speech recognition on a daily basis, in the other areas (legal, administrative, financial, public administration, etc.) there are only a few hundred pioneer users.

Yet speech recognition, if well integrated into the workflow, facilitates the work of magistrates, prosecutors and lawyers in the production of court documents. In general it helps professionals in the production of any legal or administrative document, guaranteeing the increase in productivity necessary to sustain the continuous increase in volumes.

Reconice solutions stand out for their performance and ease of use: intuitive interfaces for controlling complex applications. A very high level of accuracy, without any initial training session.

Well-designed solutions, including advanced features such as macros, predefined templates, voice commands, etc., exploit the potential of the most modern voice recognition technologies to guarantee the best result.

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