Speech recognition in Pathology and Cytology

In Pathology the requirements for a voice recognition system are very specific.
In particular for the macroscopic phase it is necessary that the doctor has freedom of movement. Optimal would be the use of a microphone that allows to have the hands free and to be able to control by voice the whole application without the need to use keyboard and mouse. The speech recognition engine must be very robust to cope with the background noise coming from the suction hoods.


recomed for Pathology and Citology

The reports are very complex: they contain observations and interpretations recorded in the form of numbers, letters, symbols, acronyms and words. To date, dictation systems are used in the report production workflow to record observations and diagnoses to be transcribed and stored in management systems. The procedure ends with digital signature, printing and delivery.

recomed, allows you to manage with your own voice all the features of the guest application (from menus to buttons, check boxes and any other interactive component). It is possible to enter formatted values ​​in the fields by voice, to recall predefined models in the free text field. The models can in turn be structured, including fields to be filled in verbally.
Corrections are possible using voice commands, which allow navigation within the fields and text, selection and overwriting of the text to be corrected.

The automatic data formatting functions (unit of measure, medical terminology, spelling, symbols, acronyms, etc.) support the activities of those who report.

Both in the macroscopic and microscopic phases, recomed optimizes the workflow and reduces the release time of the reports.

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