Fault tolerance and high availability

reconice systems aim to reduce service interruption times to a minimum in the event of a "system" fault.
In a voice recognition system, based on a distributed architecture, there are several problems to be faced in order to guarantee an excellent level of reliability.
The purpose of the recomed architecture is to tolerate any possible failure, mitigating its effects and preserving the functionality of the system.
When a component of the distributed system fails, it is bypassed and the necessary recovery operations are performed, while the user continues with normal use.

recomed is designed to continue in its normal operation in the event of major server or network faults.
In the event of a server fault, it continues to work using a local cache. Furthermore, in real time, the system connects to a slave database server, synchronized with the master.

High availability (Clustering)
recomed can be clustered.
Cluster architectures guarantee reliability, are scalable, and guarantee complete fault tolerance.

Business benefits
Reduced system downtime.
Automation of protection and restoration of systems, to maximize productivity.
Respect for demanding SLAs and business expectations.
Optimization of business continuity and disaster recovery strategies.

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